Cocky Conservatives Gloat Over Retirement Of Supreme Court Justice Kennedy

Cocky Conservatives Gloat Over Retirement Of Supreme Court Justice Kennedy

Thrilled conservative pundits are taking to Twitter following the news that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire July 31st, 2018. The shock announcement has prompted both jubilation and smack-talk from conservatives, who are trumpeting this as a devastating blow to liberalism in America.

As you might expect, there’s plenty of #MAGA hashtags flying around, and even Donald Trump Jr. has proclaimed that this week “couldn’t get more lit” after the administration’s victory in the Supreme Court ‘Travel Ban’ decision on Tuesday. Let’s check some more reaction from giddy conservatives:

This moment must be a real thrill for hardline conservatives; it encapsulates all of their favorite things in one neat package. Kennedy’s retirement is perceived as a golden opportunity for the Trump administration to dismantle the legal precedent of Roe v. Wade and other controversial rulings associated with liberalism. And while these legal matters will take time to play out, conservatives haven’t hesitated to engage in one of their favorite activities: gloating about “owning the libs” while gulping down large quantities of “liberal tears.”


Kit Duggan

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