CNN’s Stelter Blasts Trump: ‘Absolutely Disgusting’ To Call My Network America’s ‘Biggest Enemy’

CNN’s Stelter Blasts Trump: ‘Absolutely Disgusting’ To Call My Network America’s ‘Biggest Enemy’

President Donald Trump was extremely online this morning, tweeting out congratulations to an alt-right Senate nominee while doing his own “Mission Accomplished” by claiming North Korea is “no longer a Nuclear Threat.” He also found time to engage in his favorite activity — attacking the Fake News Media.

In this instance, he stated that CNN and NBC were America’s “biggest enemy” because he felt they were downplaying his NoKo meeting.

During a CNN segment about the recent AT&T-Time Warner merger verdict, a case that likely is gnawing at Trump today, Stelter brought up the CNN-attacking tweet. After noting Trump’s “own words” cast a shadow over many other deals and mergers, the Reliable Sources host let loose.

“The president is on Twitter right now saying CNN is the greatest enemy that the American people have and that’s absolutely disgusting!” Stelter exclaimed. “Disgusting!”

The media analyst went on to point out that in the AT&T case, “checks and balances worked” while noting that if Trump was trying to interfere in the deal, “it didn’t work.”

Stelter also wrote a column about Trump’s latest media attack, pointing out that the presidential broadside came in the wake of his campaign manager taking aim at CNN reporter Jim Acosta and calling for Acosta’s press credentials to be pulled for shouting questions at North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

Justin Baragona

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