Tucker Carlson Calls Latino Guest ‘Stupid Person’ Who Knows ‘Nothing’ Before Cutting Off Interview

Tucker Carlson Calls Latino Guest ‘Stupid Person’ Who Knows ‘Nothing’ Before Cutting Off Interview

Tucker Carlson, a man who thinks it is “imprecise” to label him a white nationalist while he brings on his friends to promote The Camp of the Saints on his program, spent his Tuesday night calling his Latino guest a “stupid person” who knows “nothing” about immigration before cutting off his mic.

Towards the end of an already tense and heated debate on undocumented immigrants — a Tucker specialty — the Fox News host grew increasingly agitated with former DNC deputy press secretary Jose Aristimuño. The problem, as Tucker saw it, is that Aristimuño didn’t agree with Carlson’s take that we need to increase deportations of undocumented immigrants while targeting employers who hire those here illegally.

As Aristimuño called for immigration reform and advocated for citizenship for undocumented immigrants without criminal records, Carlson accused the ex-DNC official of pushing for a system that will create more Democratic voters. Aristimuño shot back that the only solution Republicans seemed to have was deportation.

Eventually, it broke down, as these Tucker interviews tend to do, and Carlson decided to end the whole thing with a flourish of personal and pointed insults.

“This is just another stupid political talking point from a stupid person,” he shouted at Aristimuño. “I don’t have time for conversations with people who don’t know what they are talking about and haven’t thought it through and want to come on and spew more talking points and call anyone who disagrees a racist. Which is what you did in the very first sentence of this segment.”

After pulling the plug on his Venezuelan guest, Tucker sneeringly said, “You are pathetic.”

Aristimuño, meanwhile, was already booted off the air and could not respond.

Watch the clip below.

Justin Baragona

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