Glenn Beck Throws In #NeverTrump Towel, Puts On MAGA Cap, And Boards Trump Train

Glenn Beck Throws In #NeverTrump Towel, Puts On MAGA Cap, And Boards Trump Train

Remember how TheBlaze founder and one-time Fox News star Glenn Beck was one of the leaders of the #NeverTrump movement? Well, he’s a Never Trump no more, as the conservative host declared on Friday that he was officially aboard the Trump Train.

Citing a combination of President Donald Trump’s accomplishments and the media’s treatment of Trump — specifically his belief that the mainstream media misconstrued the president’s “these are animals” comment — Beck donned a ‘Make America Great Again’ ballcap and delivered monologue/rant declaring that he’ll vote for Trump in 2020.

Following Beck’s announcement, Mediaite columnist and #NeverTrump conservative John Ziegler tweeted at Beck and said he was still trying to process this. (It should be noted that in an interview with Ziegler ten months ago, Beck pilloried other conservative hosts for embracing Trump, calling them “frauds” while maintaining it was an “easy” decision for him to reject Trump because he’s “principle-driven.”)

Beck responded to Ziegler with the following tweets:

Ziegler replied by telling Beck he was blowing the media’s reaction to Trump’s “animals” remark out of proportion. He would also tweet out a link to his interview with Beck.

One has to wonder at least if TheBlaze’s well-known financial troubles in the Age of Trump has anything to do with Beck’s about-face. Last summer, mass layoffs were announced at the outlet and earlier this year Beck was in negotiations with Ben Shapiro’s website to either buy or partner with TheBlaze. And just a few weeks ago, it was reported that Beck was selling his private plane.

Watch Beck’s coming out above, via TheBlaze.

Justin Baragona

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