Hannity Hammers CNN’s Acosta For Once Asking Obama A Softball Question: Where’s The ‘Pom-Poms’?

Hannity Hammers CNN’s Acosta For Once Asking Obama A Softball Question: Where’s The ‘Pom-Poms’?

At the tail end of his Thursday night broadcast, Fox News star and White House shadow chief of staff Sean Hannity took aim at “CNN Fake News,” as he is wont to do. His target this evening? CNN correspondent Jim Acosta, not exactly the first time Acosta has been in Hannity’s crosshairs.

This time around, Hannity took issue with Acosta’s recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in which the CNN reporter said he had been just as tough on President Obama as he has been to President Trump. Well, you just know Sean wasn’t buying that.

Calling Acosta “CNN’s Fake News self-righteous cry-baby” and a “big liberal leftist that will do anything for attention,” the conservative commentator and Trump bedtime phone pal pulled up a clip of Acosta asking Obama a fairly soft question in 2015.

The reporter at that time told the then-president that many were saying he had just had his “best week ever” because of favorable Supreme Court decisions. He then asked Obama what “hard things” he wanted to “to tackle at this point” in his presidency.

“Yes, he is supposed to be the journalist,” the president’s informal adviser observed, complete with air quotes. “The only thing missing were the pom-poms.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

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