Avenatti Dings ‘Dazed Rudy’ Giuliani After Off-The-Rails CNN Interview: ‘Please Retire’

Avenatti Dings ‘Dazed Rudy’ Giuliani After Off-The-Rails CNN Interview: ‘Please Retire’

Towards the end of an absolutely wild affair in which he admitted he didn’t actually know if there was an FBI “spy” embedded in the Trump campaign, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani slammed CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and his network for being anti-Trump.

“Does the president ever get the benefit of the doubt with you, Chris? Ever?” Giuliani sternly asked Cuomo. “Or on this network? Which is disgusting.”

After whining some more about how POTUS isn’t treated fairly by CNN — someone got his marching orders this morning — the ex-New York City mayor then derided the Cuomo and the network for constantly bringing on Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti.

Cuomo attempted to play a clip of a 20-year-old Giuliani interview which contradicted comments the Trump lawyer had just made about presidential subpoenas, leading Rudy G to protest and call CNN “unfair.”

“That’s really unfair,” Giuliani exclaimed. “What you’re doing right now is extremely unfair. It’s the reason people do not come on this show — with all that promoting of Avenatti, the ambulance chaser?!”

Following the 45+ minute food fight, Avenatti took to Twitter to fire back at Giuliani:

In a Trumpian turn, the frequent cable news guest saddled America’s Mayor with a derisive nickname — Dazed Rudy. He also wrote that Giuliani had a “good run” but had become “embarrassing” and a “never ending joke.”

This is the time we live in, folks.

Justin Baragona

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