Trevor Noah Compares Trump Presidency To Penis-Shaped Asteroid: I May Die ‘But I Know I’m Going To Laugh’

Trevor Noah Compares Trump Presidency To Penis-Shaped Asteroid: I May Die ‘But I Know I’m Going To Laugh’

In a wide-ranging interview with CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter, Daily Show host Trevor Noah discussed how the program has evolved in the Age of Trump. And he shared a fairly funny dick joke in the process.

Asked by Stelter where he sees his show fitting in terms of informing and educating its audience about the news of the day, Noah explained that when he first started hosting the show, he “thought our purpose was just to make jokes about what’s happening.”

“Because that’s what the world felt like, a benign existence under Barack Obama, the South African comedian added. “I think as the world comes to change, our purpose in that world changes.”

He then pointed out that when there isn’t much strife in society comedy will be more benign and observational, but when the world becomes less secure “that’s when comedy becomes more cutting.”

Stelter wanted to know how Noah decides what is worth covering on his show, especially during a period of time when there may be a dozen big stories out at once that are just focused on the Trump administration.

“Well, I break it down into categories,” Noah said. “I go, what’s newsworthy, what is interesting. what is entertaining. And what is original.”

He continued, “I don’t want my audience to tune in every day and feel like they’re hearing the exact same story. And so, you know, as much as I can do, I don’t talk about Trump. He makes it extremely difficult, as you know, because — and I’ve heard from many people — that he purposefully wants to be in the news. So it’s difficult to avoid that when the person is the President of the United States.”

At the end of the segment, Stelter asked Noah to tell his favorite joke about the president. The Daily Show host responded with this:

“I wake up most days terrified at the notion that Trump is the most powerful president in the world. I also wake up most days acknowledging that he’s also going to make me laugh. And that’s what’s difficult for me, is that he’s an emotional paradox. And I’ve come to realize it’s like this. I think it’s almost like there is an asteroid headed towards the earth, but it’s shaped like a penis. I think I’m going to die, but I know I’m going to laugh.”

Stelter questioned, “You’re going to die laughing?”

“Could be both,” Noah responded.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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