Trump Fans Call For ‘Registry Of Actors’ Following Hamilton Debacle

Some Donald Trump supporters are outraged by Broadway

The controversy surrounding Mike Pence’s visit to Hamilton is still rumbling on. Days after the cast of the hit Broadway show addressed Vice-president elect Mike Pence about minority rights, the story is still exercising commentators on both sides of the political divide.

Donald Trump sent two tweets demanding an apology for the incident. He claimed the cast had ‘harassed’ Pence and that the show was ‘overrated’. Trump’s supporters on social media have jumped on Trump’s bandwagon and have begun tweeting #BoycottHamilton along with their suggestions for dealing with the cast.

“This is why actors had to register in every new city,” one Twitter user wrote. Trump fans on the social media site echoed similar sentiments, calling the Hamilton cast ‘SJWs who think the government should control our lives’ and agreeing with Trump that shows like Saturday Night Live should give equal time to Trump and his followers.

Many Twitter users who say they hate ‘PC culture’ were the first to condemn Hamilton’s cast for a lack of ‘respect’ for the vice-president elect. Though the Twitter feeds of many of those demanding to #BoycottHamilton showed little or no respect for Democratic leaders or former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

There is a consensus among many of Trump’s Twitter supporters that something should be done to prevent incidents like Hamilton actor Brandon Dixon’s speech to Mike Pence from ever happening again. The idea of a registry for actors is one popular approach, while other Trump supporters would like to see media companies apply for licenses.

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.

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