Conservative News Sites: Clinton Won The Popular Vote Because Obama ‘Told Illegals To Vote’

Some people still think the election was partially rigged

Donald Trump may be president-elect, but the results of the popular vote show Hillary Clinton leading by around 1.5 million votes. Though this will not change the outcome of the election, it is seen as a moral victory for Democrats and evidence that the electoral college is in need of reform.

But Donald Trump’s supporters have found it difficult accept that he lost the popular vote and by such a large margin. Shortly after the election, conservative news sites circulated a story claiming Trump had actually won the popular vote by a significant margin and had won the electoral college by a larger margin than he really had.

Now that it is clear that Clinton has won the popular vote, a new conspiracy theory has emerged to explain it. Conservative news sites and social media are spreading the theory that undocumented immigrants voted for Clinton, even though it is illegal and there is no evidence of mass voter fraud. Some Alt-Right sites claim that up to 2 million non-citizens voted for Clinton.

Unsurprisingly, Trump supporters have found a way to blame President Barack Obama. In the popular vote conspiracy theory, Obama either instructed undocumented immigrants to vote or tacitly gave them the green light to commit voter fraud. The need to manufacture an entirely false reason for Trump’s popular vote loss is a recurring theme on right-wing social media.

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.
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