Protesting Man Destroys Donald Trump’s Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Trump's star has been the subject of vandalism

Donald Trump has had a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for many years but since his presidential campaign began, the star has been the subject of vandalism. Earlier this year someone drew a swastika on the star and now a protester has destroyed it.

The self-confessed culprit, Jamie Otis, said he wanted to remove the star and auction it off. He wanted to use the money to support the women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault. Otis found it impossible to remove the star from its place, however.

Otis reportedly tried to remove the star from the Walk of Fame in the early hours of this morning. His attempt to remove the star caused huge damage to the iconic award, which is given only to those who achieve a particularly wide fame. Other famous people who have stars include Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson and many others from very different backgrounds. Few political figures have ever been so honored.

The Trump campaign has yet to respond to the attack on Trump’s star. The story has not yet hit the TV news cycle and it is unclear whether Trump will respond to the act of vandalism. Trump has stayed silent about previous attempts to vandalize his star but the destruction of an icon of his fame may prompt him to make a statement.

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Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.