Keith Olbermann To Clinton Supporters: Take Nothing For Granted To Stop ‘Democracy’s Suicide’

Olbermann warned about the violent undertone at Trump rallies

Keith Olbermann wants to remind Hillary Clinton supporters that they should take nothing for granted with less than two weeks to go until the election. Olbermann warned that the violent undertone at Donald Trump’s rallies showed what was at stake in the election.

Olbermann showed pictures of a recent Trump rally where one supporter had made a head of Hillary Clinton on a makeshift pike. Olbermann pointed out that those supporting Trump were more like the mobs from the French Revolution and that nobody should take the election result for granted.

“Take nothing for granted in these next 13 days,” Olbermann said. “Take no poll at face value. Take no comfort in trajectories. Take no break because she has done this well and he has done that disastrously. Assume the worst.” Olberman urged voters to work for as high a margin of victory as possible to save the country from ‘democracy’s suicide’.

Olbermann warned that Trump’s plan to hold rallies for the next eight years if he becomes president is another example of the danger facing the United States. Olbermann told voters they must be ready to get out the vote, report attempted voter intimidation and work hard to stop Trump winning on November 8th.

You can watch below.


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Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.