Florida Man Steals Naked Donald Trump Statue But Nobody’s Sure Why

Florida Man Steals Naked Donald Trump Statue But Nobody’s Sure Why

When naked statues of Donald Trump started appearing, the reactions were mixed. Some people thought it was a hilarious take down of the Republican candidate while others saw it as petty body shaming, But one man in Florida has apparently decided he wanted a Donald Trump for himself.

Pedro Rodriguez has been arrested by Miami police on suspicion of stealing the city’s naked Trump statue. Rodriguez has been charged with grand theft and burglary. The statue has not yet been recovered and nobody has a theory yet about why Rodriguez would steal the statue.

The artist who created the strange artworks intended them as a protest against Trump and his grandstanding rhetoric. The unflattering depictions of Trump failed to get a response from the candidate and their appearance followed his comments about his small hands and other body parts.

While Rodriguez has been charged, it is not clear whether this was an act of protest against Trump or whether Rodriguez decision to steal the artwork was the act of a fan. The thief’s politic leanings are not known at this time. If this was an act of protest against the GOP candidate, it seems like an odd gesture since the statue itself is a form of protest.

The ‘really gross’ statue was not popular with all Miami locals but its disappearance has caused a minor scandal. Police are searching for the statue of ‘naked Donald’ and its return will likely be welcomed, if the statue is unharmed.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.