Ted Nugent Calls Minnesota Stabbing Victims “Pathetic” And “Soulless” For Not Packing Heat

Ted Nugent Calls Minnesota Stabbing Victims “Pathetic” And “Soulless” For Not Packing Heat

Most normal, healthy-minded people tend to have sympathy for the innocent victims of a violent attack. However, over-the-hill rocker Ted Nugent ain’t most people.

The pants-shitting draft-dodger, who spendsmost of his time these days wrapping himself in the American flag and calling for President Obama’s assassination (whenever he’s not calling him a “subhuman mongrel”), has a habit of puffing out his chest and describing himself as the baddest motherfucker who ever lived. Whenever a story comes out about a mass shooting or terrorism, he takes to social media — which is where all the real badasses go — to talk tough and claim that he could take them all out with his own personal arsenal or something.

He also really digs victim-blaming, especially if those killed or wounded in an attack were unarmed. Last October, after the Oregon community college mass shooting, the Nuge called those killed by the shooter “losers” for not carrying guns. See, as we all know, shootings and violence would stop if everyone had guns everywhere. And only panty-waist libtards refusing to pack a Glock are causing people to be murdered.

On Sunday, he did the same thing, this time in relation to the stabbing spree at a Minnesota shopping mall that led to nine people getting hurt. (The only fatality was the stabber himself.) Here is what he had to say on Facebook:



Yep. Those who were stabbed only have themselves to blame because they are “pathetic,” “soulless” and “embarrassing.” If you aren’t willing to walk out of the house with a pistol on your hip or an AR-15 strapped across your back, not only are you asking for it, but you are un-American.

Remember, Ted Nugent is the baddest badass that ever badassed in this badass country. BADASSSSSSSSSSS!


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Justin Baragona

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