Mika Brzezinski Says Trump’s “Still Doing A Reality Show” But “It’s Not Funny” Anymore

Mika Brzezinski Says Trump’s “Still Doing A Reality Show” But “It’s Not Funny” Anymore

As Donald Trump’s campaign attempts to gaslight America and claim that Donald Trump denounced his birtherism years ago, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski appeared to hit her breaking point. After playing a clip of Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani telling Hardball’s Chris Matthews that Trump accepted the fact that President Obama was born in the United States “three years ago,” the Morning Joe co-host went on a mini-rant about how much the Republican standard-bearer lies.

Following a back and forth where panelists commented about Giuliani’s mental state and how he doesn’t appear well in recent media appearances (he was quite unhinged in the Hardball appearance), Brzezinski noted that while Trump’s running mate has said Obama is an American-born citizen, Trump himself just says, “I don’t talk about that anymore.” A portion of Hillary Clinton’s Thursday speech was then played where the Democratic nominee discussed how Trump “traffics in toxic conspiracy theories.”

Eventually, Mika just went off on Trump and his reality TV show campaign, remarking that this shit just ain’t funny anymore. She commented that the press’s job is to hold candidates accountable and call them out on lies, half-truths and misleading statements, but it is impossible when one candidate just lies left and right because “he wants to make it part of a riff.” In her opinion, this means he isn’t a “legitimate credible candidate.”

After Chuck Todd claimed that Trump’s constant stream of lies will eventually backfire on him, Brzezinski lamented that Trump is destroying this country.

“The fact remains that he never stepped up. He only doubled down. He hasn’t even tried to think about what impact he might be having on this country or that he could have. He hasn’t tried to educate himself. He hasn’t tried to tell the truth. He’s still doing a reality show and having fun on his whim and laughing. It’s not funny.”

Kinda makes you wish you and Joe would’ve treated him a little bit differently instead of boosting his campaign and giving him millions of dollars in free media for roughly a year, huh?

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:



Justin Baragona

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