Trump’s Disorganized Campaign Could Get Him Kicked Off Minnesota’s Ballot

Trump’s Disorganized Campaign Could Get Him Kicked Off Minnesota’s Ballot

When the story broke that the Minnesota Republican Party had missed the deadline to get Donald Trump on the ballot in their state, it was mostly a source of fun for commentators. But now, Minnesota Democrats are challenging Trump’s inclusion on November’s ballot in court.

Republicans in Minnesota failed to file on time and for a few hours it seemed like Trump wouldn’t be allowed on Minnesota’s presidential ballot. However, the party managed a last minute filing and most people thought that was the end of it. But today, the Democratic Party in Minnesota filed a petition with the secretary of state to take the GOP nominee off the ballot.

The case centers on Minnesota election law. The state GOP rushed to select alternates for their electors in order to get Trump on the ballot. The Democrats are arguing that the method used by the GOP violated the law because the Republicans were rushing to meet the registration deadline. The case will likely end up in Minnesota’s supreme court.

The failure to get Trump on the ballot on time was seen as an indication of how disorganized the Trump campaign is. The campaign’s lack of a sufficient ground presence in Minnesota was widely blamed. National campaigns generally work closely with state parties to guarantee errors like this do not occur.

Minnesota’s secretary of state Steve Simon is a Democrat and so he may face accusations of bias if he acts too quickly on the issue. Minnesota begins early voting on 23rd September, however, so speed is of the essence. With less than two weeks until Minnesotans start voting, deciding if Trump will be on the ballot or not is now the number one issue facing the state government and its supreme court.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.