Nuclear Weapons: Does Donald Trump Even Want To Be President?

Nuclear Weapons:  Does Donald Trump Even Want To Be President?

Does Donald Trump really want to be president?

There’s a growing theory among critics and dumbfounded opponents that Donald Trump doesn’t really want to be president, which is why he keeps lowering the bar on his insane behavior and incendiary statements, as he desperately hopes the entire GOP establishment and throngs of unenlightened American voters will finally send him out of town on a rail covered in tar and feathers.

After all, being president is hard work and the pay is crap.

So, it could be that poor Donald is still hoping to be rejected as presidential material—even if his insults to every faction of humanity that he deems unworthy, including the parents of a soldier killed in Iraq and a crying baby—hasn’t done the trick.

There’s good news for the Donald, however, since a most terrifying revelation surfaced Wednesday after former CIA Director Micheal Hayden was interviewed on Morning Joe and called the presidential candidate “erratic” and said he wouldn’t vote for him. Then Scarborough recounted Trump’s questions during a meeting with a an unidentified foreign policy expert a few months ago.

Apparently, Trump asked the same question several times regarding nuclear weapons during the hour-long briefing, which was “If we have nuclear weapons, why can’t we use them?”

Coincidentally, that exchange was around the same time in March when Trump stunned the world by saying he wouldn’t take nuclear weapons, “off the table”, and suggested that foreign powers like South Korea and Japan also be allowed to develop weapons of mass destruction.

At that time, deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes was appalled and said it flies in the face of decades-long, bipartisan efforts to ban nuclear weapons

“The entire premise of American foreign policy as it relates to nuclear weapons for the past 70 years has been focused on preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons to additional states,” he said.

During the Morning Joe interview, Hayden explained that Trump’s attitude and ignorance about the use of nuclear weapons was the reason why he would never vote for him to be president of the United States.

Does Trump really want to be president?

Or is he so delusional that he believes all the school yard bullying, display of foreign policy bombast, world-savior bologna and reality show tactics will actually get a slime ball elected president?

If not, and Trump really is trying to sabotage his own campaign he could try biting heads off small animals, kicking puppies or throwing kittens against the wall to see if his faithful minions would finally wake up and smell the Kool Aid, but it’s unclear if even that depravity would be enough to get him tossed from the election.

One could only hope.

Watch as America is warned about this trigger-happy, loose-cannon degenerate:


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