Cheater In Chief: Donald Trump’s Tax Dodge Is Another Reason He Shouldn’t Be President

Cheater In Chief: Donald Trump’s Tax Dodge Is Another Reason He Shouldn’t Be President

What does Billionaire Donald Trump have to hide? The master manipulator has avoided turning over his tax returns, which is requested of every presidential candidate, but he has managed to delay, avoid and excuse his way of making them public.

Is Trump afraid they will show what a conman and cheat he really is? Is he afraid they will show that he doesn’t pay taxes at all? Is he afraid they would show all his offshore banking activity? Or how many financial connections he might have in foreign countries? Or how little he gives to charity? Experts believe he is avoiding the release of information that can’t be scrubbed or doctored or redacted (the IRS frowns on it), because they might show all of the above.

This week, according to a CBS News report, wealthy Hillary Clinton supporters offered millions of dollars as an incentive to coax the real estate mogul and one-time reality star to pony up the goods on his tax activity, but Trump is too busy kissing up to Vladimir Putin, trying to pick a fight with Tim Kaine and insulting Hillary Clinton to pay much attention.

Kaine mocked Trump about his taxes during his acceptance speech Wednesday night for vice president,

“Believe me, there’s nothing suspicious in my tax returns. Believe me!” said Kaine to the delight of the crowd.

This week a total of $6 million has been offered to be donated to charity by a Hillary supporter and a Republican donor if Trump makes his documents public.

“Through his financial documents, we are trying to break into the image that he’s portraying to the American people,” said Moishe Mana, a real estate developer in Miami, who put up $1 million. “He says he’s a successful businessman who wants to do for the country what he did for his company. Well, go ahead, show me the money.”

Nonetheless, Trump denies any wrongdoing or nefarious connections to other nations, including Russia and China, in the fallout of Russian hackers stealing emails from the Democratic National Convention over the weekend.

“Think of what’s gone on just this week and connect the dotted lines,” said top Clinton donor J.B. Pritzker, a billionaire venture capitalist in Chicago. “I’m not sure what’s going on, but it sure doesn’t look good. The question is who his investors are, and whether there are any in China or Russia that are affecting his personal income.”

Trump shrugs off questions about his tax returns, saying he will release them as soon as the IRS audit is completed, but the IRS said there is no legal reason the documents can’t be released.

Trump the birther, is a master at the shiny-object distraction routine. After all, during his 2012 run for president, he did send investigators to Hawaii where they supposedly discovered “unbelievable” information about President Obama’s birth certificate.

“Unbelievable” information that hasn’t been disclosed yet.

In contrast, Hillary Clinton released eight years of her tax filings last year. Why? Because she has nothing to hide.

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Delilah Jean Williams

Delilah Jean Williams

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