Morning Joe Tries To Convince Us That Ted Cruz’s Speech Helped Donald Trump

Morning Joe Tries To Convince Us That Ted Cruz’s Speech Helped Donald Trump

Old habits die hard.

Despite all the times Donald Trump has kicked them around and claimed he was boycotting their show, Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough keep crawling back to Daddy. During Thursday’s broadcast, mere hours after Ted Cruz lit a fire to the Republican National Convention and walked away with a look of smug satisfaction, the Beltway insider power couple spun The Ted Wedding as a positive for Trump.

Yep, despite the fact that Cruz’s Wednesday night convention speech in which he told conservatives to “vote your conscience” caused mass chaos in the hall, leading to loud boos and Cruz’s wife needing to be escorted to safety, Joe and Mika are convinced this all benefited Trump because it makes him look like a sympathetic figure. Discussing the speech, JoeScar piggy-backed on his prior night’s tweets where he said Cruz should have stayed home and that this he was “too clever by half.”

“Ted Cruz said people shouldn’t stay home in November. Ted Cruz should have stayed home last night. Because if his intent was to hurt Donald Trump last night, all he did was make him a sympathetic figure — not easy to do. And Ted Cruz, it was just an embarrassing moment for him. He hurt himself; I think most everyone in the hall thought he hurt his political future.”

This was followed by Scarborough getting all butthurt over reporters giving him grief over his “Cruz should have stayed home” tweet, telling all those “stupid people” that he was trying to tell Cruz that he had destroyed his own career. (You can never go through an episode of Morning Joe without Joe firing back at the ‘haters.’) We then had Joe and Mika push the panel to accept the narrative that the chaotic convention was a net-benefit to Trump because all publicity is good publicity.

The amazing thing here is just how quickly and easily the duo can slip right back into Trump Train mode. While observers, left and right, are noting that Cruz’s shiv in the back of Trump is a fairly disastrous moment for Trump, the MJ crew is telling us how spectacular this is for the GOP nominee. While the convention has been a rank failure so far, with the news being dominated by Melania’s plagiarism, Cruz’s non-endorsement and the ‘Lock her up!’ chants, Joe and Mika are selling us that it has been a raging success.

In the end, sycophants are gonna sycophant.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:


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