There’s No Such Thing As Ted Cruz Birtherism…The Dude Was Born In Canada!

There’s No Such Thing As Ted Cruz Birtherism…The Dude Was Born In Canada!

OK, we’ve been hearing about the Ted Cruz ‘birther’ thing for a couple of weeks now, ever since Republican Presidential frontrunner and human-sized pubic crab Donald Trump brought up Cruz’s eligibility earlier this month to the Washington Post. From there, renewed attention was paid to the Texas Senator’s Canadian birth and whether or not he was, by definition, a natural born citizen.

Per more and more constitutional law experts, even though Cruz was born to an American citizen on Canadian soil, strict interpretation of the Constitution and the founders’ intentions would dictate that he is not natural born. A citizen, sure. But not eligible to be President. On the other hand, you do have historians and scholars who feel that the law is pretty much settled. And, of course, Cruz feels this is the case.

Regardless of the debate on the Tea Party fave’s eligibility, one thing should be abundantly clear — there is no such thing as birtherism when it comes to Ted Cruz. Why is that? Because there is no so-called conspiracy on his place of birth. The man was clearly born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. There is no ifs, ands or buts about it.

We first heard about birthers during the 2008 general election when then-Senator Barack Obama was running for POTUS. The birther cries only got louder once he won office. As the conspiracy goes, Obama wasn’t born in the United States. Instead, he was born in Kenya and then later faked his birth certificate to make it appear that his birth took place in Hawaii. Due to his not being born in America, the theory goes, he has no business being in the White House.

As we all know, Trump pushed the birther thing as a possible campaign platform when he was floating the idea of running for President in 2011. While he made the talk show rounds and made claims he sent investigators to Hawaii to dig up the truth, nothing came of it as he eventually decided against running after Obama released his long-form birth certificate. So far in this campaign, Trump has largely stayed quiet on the matter, hoping his birtherism won’t be an overriding issue.

Sure, it might be a matter of semantics, but using the term ‘birtherism’ or calling someone a ‘birther’ when it comes to Cruz is technically incorrect. The issue with Cruz is whether or not his known place of birth renders him ineligible to occupy the highest office in the land. When it came to Obama, it was about people not believing he was born in America. Birthers don’t believe the President’s birth certificate is legit. There is no questioning Cruz’s.

Of course, we can get into a long-winded discussion what is really behind Obama birtherism (i.e. racism) and how many of those same people likely have no problem with Cruz’s Canadian birth — Fox News’ latest poll shows 88% of GOP voters don’t care that Cruz is from Canada — but that is another article for another time.


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