Constitutional Law Experts Keep Insisting Man Born In Canada Is Not A Natural Born Citizen

Constitutional Law Experts Keep Insisting Man Born In Canada Is Not A Natural Born Citizen

Ted “Rafael” Cruz has claimed over and over that because he was born in Canada to an American mother he is a natural born citizen. He says it is settled law, and he points out other people who ran for the Presidency who had somewhat similar cases: Barry Goldwater and John McCain who were born outside of the US to American parents.

However, each of these people was born in US territory to two American parents. There is a huge conspiracy theory that our current President was born outside the country, but we do have a birth certificate from Hawaii. Technically, he is born on American soil and that would make him a natural born American. Or we could just adopt Ted’s assertion that since he was born of an American parent he is a natural born citizen no matter where he’s born.

Bringing this argument up now before a single vote in the primaries might be a bit premature, but maybe we should just get this resolved before another wannabe like Mr. Cruz goes through this charade. However, we may get really unlucky and Ted get’s the nomination, in which case someone who has standing has to bring a lawsuit or we could actually have this buffoon as President.

I call him a buffoon with all the greatest respect, of course. I mean someone who wants to adhere to the strictest interpretation of the Constitution available should know that very reading would disqualify him from becoming President. Laurence Tribe, one of his professors in college, has even said as much. After all, the people he would put on the Supreme Court are people who are supposed to render only original meanings of the Constitution. That means old common law meanings from England would be used. Guess what buddy, you aren’t an American citizen, because citizenship was almost exclusively passed by the fathers, and your father was a Canadian citizen at the time.

Then we need to go on to a few other lawyers who have since joined the fray. Law professor Mary Brigid McManamon has a few points of contention to bring up as well. She points out that Ted is probably a naturalized citizen according to law, not a natural born citizen. She draws comparison to his examples and brings up earlier law to make her case. Seems your settled law isn’t as settled as you’d like it to be there, buddy.

Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC has been bringing on a few law professors to discuss the case against Ted Cruz’s claim of natural born citizenship, starting with Ms. McManamon. He has also brought on Professor Sarah Duggin to talk about it, and she refutes Mr. Cruz’s assertion that it is settled law.

I doubt that many people on the left-wing will go out of their way to put too many roadblocks in the way of Mr. Cruz if he gets the nomination or go fully ballistic like some on the right did if he does win the Presidency. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try and do something about it before he gets the chance to become President.

There are rumblings on the far right that maybe he isn’t as natural born as he claims, but the citizens can’t bring the suit to the Supreme Court. We don’t have standing for some reason. It is up to one of those people running against him to file the complaint. Maybe if the people complain loudly enough, one of those candidates on the left or the right will listen and take action somewhere along the way to finally settle this matter once and for all.

Poor Richard Jr.

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