Jeb Bush’s Awkwardness Is Vine Artist Vic Berger IV’s Oeuvre

If you want some fine, childish Internet entertainment, check out Berger’s Vines.

A video artist by the name of Vic Berger IV has tapped into a rich, self-conscious vein of comedy: public figures’ insecurities. Stop what you’re doing and check his work out right now.

He makes Vine videos focusing on awkward moments caught on film, and his frequent targets include singer/dancer Chubby Checker, Jimmy Fallon, televangelists Jim Bakker and Pat Robertson, and presidential candidates Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson.

Vic Berger IV notices their most awkward traits and habits and mercilessly mocks them with the endless looping replay format of a vine. The more you watch, the funnier they get.

He makes fun of Jimmy Fallon by focusing on Fallon’s habit of laughing throughout his show’s interviews, suggesting that Fallon is out of his league interviewing political media figures such as Bill O’Reilly; he points out Chubby Checker’s inappropriate behavior with the women he brings onstage; and he regularly mocks Jim Bakker’s dubious Christian integrity, with one vine showing Bakker’s entrepreneurial sales pitch of a deal to buy a $50 bucket filled with a seemingly excessive two dozen Bibles. Another infomercial-esque product lampooned is Bakker’s “Bulk Basic 8-Year Food Supply.” Lol.

However, the vines featuring Jeb Bush are the most awkward, and they often make fun of Bush’s recent campaign efforts to cast Jeb as a youthful, millennial-savvy guy by zooming in on Jeb Bush’s habit of blinking a lot after his cheap pandering.

In one Bush says, “Say it loud, I’m black, and I’m proud.” In another, he awkwardly puts on a sweatshirt by pulling it over his head rather than unzipping it. In two separate Vines, he shows off his Apple Watch with pride and more awkward blinking.

If you want some fine, childish Internet entertainment, check out Berger’s vines.

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