‘Morning Joe’ Devotes An Entire Hour Of Live Airtime To Kissing Donald Trump’s Ass

‘Morning Joe’ Devotes An Entire Hour Of Live Airtime To Kissing Donald Trump’s Ass

Following up a so-so debate performance that featured him being booed several times by a crowd of Republican voters, GOP Presidential candidate and large melted candle Donald Trump showed up early Wednesday morning for a lengthy interview segment on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. The day before, the show advertised that Trump would be appearing for an exclusive interview. I’m not even sure what exclusive means anymore since The Donald will take an interview from anyone that calls him and he’s appeared on Morning Joe approximately 9,643 times since announcing his candidacy.

Anyway, if you’ve checked out even just a little bit of MJ over the past three months, you’ll already know how this whole thing went down. Hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough have decided that they need to be extremely deferential and complimentary to Trump anytime he calls in or shows up on set. Therefore, every single fucking time they book him, which is seemingly every day now, the ‘interview’ turns into just a prolonged campaign ad where the celebrity billionaire talks about his favorite subject — himself. Wednesday’s HOUR-LONG piece of torture was no different.

Lobbing softball after softball at the reality TV star, Mika and Joe just let Trump meander on and on when answering questions that came up in the oh-so-gentle Fox Business debate from the night before. That included letting him slide on his answer regarding the minimum wage. At the debate, Trump stated that he opposed the raising of the minimum wage because he felt wages were already “too high” and people just need to learn to work harder and longer to get by.

Now, this should come back to bite Trump with Democrats and independents, especially when Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders start highlighting those remarks. However, to Joe and Mika, there was hardly any pushback or discussion. Nah, just let good o’l’ Donald say whatever because they can’t anger him or make him think they are being ‘unfair’ with their questions.

Below is video of that portion of the interview:



After being exposed to more of the same old same old from Trump, where we got to once again hear about his big beautiful wall along the Mexican border, CHINA, needing to win again and how everyone will have a job if he’s President, we were then treated to another full segment of Trump and his sons. Because what this broadcast really needed was silver spooners talking lovingly about their pops. And, right on cue, one of his sons — yeah, I don’t care which one — said his dad was an American and a patriot.

Below is that portion of the neverending interview:



This actually made their critically lambasted interview with the Koch brothers look like hard-hitting journalism. I’d hope that after this election is mercifully over, MSNBC executives and these two hosts look back and realize what a disservice they did by blatantly pandering to a narcissistic billionaire looking for endless attention, all in an effort to bump up their ratings a little bit. The daily blowjobs Joe and Mika give to Trump is absolutely embarrassing to watch.

Justin Baragona

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