Journalistic Surrealism: Xenophobic Trump Campaign Questions Are Melting Clocks

Journalistic Surrealism:  Xenophobic Trump Campaign Questions Are Melting Clocks

The allegedly liberal media has become self-aware, not unlike the theoretical possibilities of robotic artificial intelligence, and has taken over.

The signs have been apparent for some years now, albeit under the radar, and have only been noticed by especially perceptive conservative commentators centered mostly in the radical-right talk radio community and their attentive listeners.

But now with Donald Trump’s recent display of campaign-obsessed Islamophobia regarding President Obama’s supposed religious faith and the hope to get rid of American Muslims, it is obvious that the liberal media is enacting a heinous plan to portray the Republican Party undeservedly as racist, irrational and absurd.

The proof: the xenophobic, unknown man planted in the audience to make Trump look bad. Fortunately, the liberal media has slipped up, because the conspiracy has been unearthed not just by fringe radicals, but even mainstream outlets within the liberal media.

Fox News sounded the alarm that obviously the controversial outrage must not be directed at Donald Trump for doing nothing to correct the man on his offensively misinformed political perspective, but on shadowy liberals. Fox’s Brian Kilmeade, Eric Bolling, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Greg Gutfeld and Geraldo Rivera all posited that the infamous man’s toxic verbal spill must have been the theatrical performance of a secret political operative, because the idea that Trump’s suggestive xenophobic, Silent Majority-esque undertones could produce any xenophobic Vocal Majority overtones is preposterous. Likewise, truth bellwether Ann Coulter jumped to this conclusion as well.

Trump’s own defense was that he is the victim of a catch-22, and that the media would have blamed him for infringing on the man’s First Amendment rights if he had tried to set the record straight. And Trump does not want to infringe on any Constitutional Amendments, except the un-American Fourteenth. Trump had no choice but to stand by helplessly and watch his campaign be embarrassed by the very people he caters to in his candidacy. It was political assault, and we must not victim-blame Trump.

But as noted before, this is not the first instance of liberal media conspiracy, and the evidence is stacking up that there is good reason to be afraid. The liberal cogs are oiled up and turning our country into a wasteland of lies and subterfuge.

The recent, horrifying massacres were all liberal conspiracies to take away our guns including Virginia Tech, Aurora, Sandy Hook and Chattanooga; climate change is a liberal hoax for scientists to get rich propagating fake scientific evidence; immigration reform will turn America into a brown, reverse-racism paradise of liberal, American guilt; Jade Helm will allow the military to take over Texas and the American Southwest. Anyone who says otherwise is a liberal plant and cannot be trusted. The media has failed us, and fact-checking has proven it. Even Fox News is a part of the conspiracy.
In fact, no one in the media can be trusted. No single person, no organization, no fact. Facts are opinions, opinions are facts: doublethink is our only salvation. Do not trust me; I am a plant.

I am opinion. Opinion is truth. Truth is ignorance. Ignorance is strength.


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Levi Olson

Levi Olson

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