Bill O’Reilly: Liberal Media Using Ben Carson’s Comments To Distract From Obama’s Economic Record

Bill O’Reilly: Liberal Media Using Ben Carson’s Comments To Distract From Obama’s Economic Record

Well, that didn’t take long. You had a feeling that when Tea Party darling and surging Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson stuck his foot in his mouth during an interview with Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd, eventually the Conservative Entertainment Complex would circle the wagons and defend him. A day after Carson stated that he would not agree with a Muslim being President of the United States and erroneously cited the Constitution to make his case, a number of Fox News personalities stuck up for the retired neurosurgeon, including Papa Bear himself.

Obviously receiving the same memo from Roger Ailes that was sent to the Fox & Friends crew and Eric Bolling earlier in the day, Bill O’Reilly based his show’s ‘Talking Points Memo’ on the fervor over Carson’s comments and how it is much ado about nothing. After taking shots at Planned Parenthood and Black Lives Matter just because, Bill-O proceeded to go after the so-called liberal media for cornering Carson on a gotcha question and making it into a huge thing.

See, in O’Reilly’s view, Carson said absolutely nothing wrong. He was just expressing his opinion, and that opinion should not disqualify him from running for the White House. The good doctor just pointed out the obvious in that Muslims don’t share Judeo-Christian values, and as Carson and O’Reilly will tell you, that is absolutely necessary in a commander-in-chief. Spittle was flying out of The O’Reilly Factor host’s mouth as he complained that Carson had the right to free speech under the First Amendment. (Not sure what that had to do with any of this, but this is O’Reilly we’re dealing with.)

After giving a full-throated defense of Carson, O’Reilly continued to assail his favorite foe — the liberal media. In this instance, Bill-O made a leap so great that Evil Knievel would be proud. The humble correspondent and war zone reporter feels that the main reason the media is discussing GOP candidates’ Islamophobia is because they want to distract everybody from President Obama’s “disastrous economic record.” Yes, you read that right. This is all a way to give cover to Obama.

O’Reilly then did what he does best as he cherry-picked certain statistics to make it appear that under President Obama the nation has gone to absolute hell. It isn’t even worth the effort to do an analysis of what he discussed and why it really is pretty fucking stupid to make the case that Americans are worse off now than they were the moment Obama was elected. Besides, this is what Bill does every night. He’ll do it tomorrow and the night after and the night after that.

The big takeaway here is that Papa Bear went to the mat to excuse Carson’s comments. He decided to use one of Fox’s tried and true tactics by claiming that the controversy over the Islamophobic remarks was really just a distraction by the Obama and the mainstream media. Remember how a couple of years ago, everything the President did was just to distract us from Benghazi? Yep, Fox knows the game they’re playing, and Bill-O’s a true master at it.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Fox News:


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