Governor/Quitter Sarah Palin Should Quit Journalism, Too

Governor/Quitter Sarah Palin Should Quit Journalism, Too

Earlier this week, Justin Baragona wouldn’t watch or suggest anyone else watch ex-Governor Sarah Palin’s Interview of Donald Trump, but I did. Granted, I wasn’t in a rush, and that’s why this analysis is a little late, but it was exactly what I expected it would be: redundant irony.

The irony is hypocritical in that Sarah Palin continues to relentlessly lame-call the mainstream media, an abstract entity that she assures us has been completely pervaded with liberal bias, not just because her interview was a means to divisively clench on to what little political relevance she has left within the radically partisan Tea Party movement currently supporting Trump, but because her interview was lame.

It is also hypocritical that Sarah Palin was reading from a teleprompter. Spending years knocking candidate and President Obama for using teleprompters kind of mandates that she speak off the cuff for the rest of her life.

I am afraid that the hypocrisy of Sarah Palin will never end, and it is baffling that Palin might think her questions would qualify as neutrally unbiased journalism and examples of objectivity to stand in contrast with the supposedly liberal media she cries wolf about until you remember that she learned journalism from Fox News. The interview was stuffed so full of compliments for Trump that perhaps Palin is secretly vying for a second vice-presidential nomination.

The interview’s introduction was perhaps lazily one of Trump’s campaign advertisements, and Palin began by calling Trump’s entrance into the field of Republican presidential candidates a sacrifice for the people. The rest got even gushier. Here are the highlights:

-Palin says that we have all been punched in the nose by Obama.

-Palin is concerned about the “idiots” Trump has to see in the press, and is impressed with how graciously he treats them.

-Palin is excited that Trump schooled “that radical activist” Jorge Ramos.

-Palin is envious of Trump’s guts for “necessary” confrontation.

-Trump erroneously claims that 93 million Americans are out of work.

-Palin knocks the liberal media again for its gotcha journalism, and will never let America forget that she is still upset that Katie Couric asked her what magazines she read.

After watching the interview, I would have to suggest you don’t watch it, too. It was either ten minutes of preaching to the choir for people who look to Sarah Palin for political guidance, or a Trump campaign advertising ploy masquerading as external journalism. I wrote those as two separate possibilities, but I cannot figure out how they are in practice different.

Levi Olson

Levi Olson

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