Roger Stone Juror Says He Got a Fair Trial: Attack on Foreperson ‘Undermines Our Service’

Roger Stone Juror Says He Got a Fair Trial: Attack on Foreperson ‘Undermines Our Service’

A member of the jury in Roger Stone’s recent trial has said that the received a fair trial and attacks on the jury’s foreperson are wrong. Seth Cousins wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post where he provided some details about the process of finding Stone guilty.

“The jury foreperson, who has been the subject recently of numerous ad hominem attacks, was actually one of the strongest advocates for the rights of the defendant and for a rigorous process,” Cousins wrote.

“She expressed skepticism at some of the government’s claims and was one of the last people to vote to convict on the charge that took most of our deliberation time.”

“Stone received a fair trial. But events since his trial threaten to undermine the equal administration of justice,” he said.

Cousins discussed the attacks on the trial, including those from President Donald Trump, who has claimed that it was unfair.

“Elected officials have no business attacking citizens for performing their civic duty,” he wrote.

“Jurors are not merely expected but required to judge facts fairly. We are required to disclose any potential bias and are asked whether that potential bias would prevent us from rendering an impartial verdict.”

“When the president attacks our jury’s foreperson, he is effectively attacking every American who takes time off work, arranges child care and otherwise disrupts their life temporarily to participate in this civic duty,” Cousins wrote, concluding the article by reiterating that Stone was convicted based on the evidence.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.