David Holmes: Sondland Told Trump to ‘Play the Racism Card’ to Help A$AP Rocky

David Holmes: Sondland Told Trump to ‘Play the Racism Card’ to Help A$AP Rocky

Diplomat David Holmes testified before the public impeachment inquiry today, adding yet more corroboration to accusations against President Donald Trump and his staff. However, there was also a bizarre moment where Holmes recounted part of a conversation he overheard between Trump and EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland.

On the call where Sondland spoke to Trump about Ukraine investigations, Holmes said the ambassador also discussed the rapper A$AP Rocky, who was facing charges in Sweden at the time. Trump had expressed a desire to help the rapper.

“The conversation then shifted to Ambassador Sondland’s efforts on behalf of the president to assist a rapper who was jailed in Sweden,” Holmes told the House Intelligence Committee.

“I could only hear Ambassador Sondland’s side of the conversation. Ambassador Sondland told the President that the rapper was kind of eff’d there and should have pled guilty. He recommended that the President, quote, ‘wait until after the sentencing, or it will only make it worse’, and he added that the President should let him get sentenced, play the racism card, give him a ticker tape when he comes home.”

“Ambassador Sondland further told the President that Sweden, quote, ‘should have released him on your word but you can tell the Kardashians you tried’. After the call ended, Ambassador Sondland remarked that the President was in a bad mood, as Ambassador Sondland stated was often the case in the morning.”

Sondland was likely referring to Kim Kardashian, who had pushed for Rocky’s release and had a pre-existing relationship with Trump.

Watch the video above, via CNN.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.