Student Tells ‘Fox & Friends’ America Wasn’t Founded on Slavery Because ‘Today We Don’t See Slavery’

Student Tells ‘Fox & Friends’ America Wasn’t Founded on Slavery Because ‘Today We Don’t See Slavery’

A Boston University student has told Fox & Friends that the United States was not founded on slavery, explaining that we don’t slavery in the U.S. today. Eddie Song, who is a correspondent with the conservative Campus Reform group, spoke to Fox’s Brian Kilmeade about a speech given on Wednesday by the Daily Wire‘s Ben Shapiro.

Shapiro’s speech was arguing that America was built on a freedom and not slavery – an argument Shapiro is fond of making. There was a small protest but Song certainly seemed to agree with Shapiro’s main point.

“I mean, Ben Shapiro made some very good points on freedom and slavery in the very beginning,” Song said. “However, I mean, 15 minutes during […[ when the speech first started you see this group of protesters, they stood up, shouted, blew their whistle and exited the speech. That shows the intolerance of some BU students and that’s really disruptive. They weren’t there to learn. They were only there to disrupt.”

Song made some of the usual Campus Reform complaints about free speech on college campus – an obsession shared by Shapiro – before explaining Shapiro’s speech.

“Well, he basically explained how America wasn’t founded on slavery,” Song said. “It was founded on freedom. As we can see, today we don’t see slavery. We see freedom. That’s what the Founding Fathers intended us to have.”

“Never embracing it. Always saying it’s horrific,” Kilmeade said. “But, sadly, it was part of society back then in that era at that time. And 600,000 lost their lives to fight to make sure we rid our country of it.”

Kilmeade’s glib interpretation elides the fact that many of the Civil War dead were fighting to maintain the institution of slavery.

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Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.