Fox’s Judge Andrew Napolitano: The Delay In Ukraine Aid ‘Is The Quid Pro Quo’

Fox’s Judge Andrew Napolitano: The Delay In Ukraine Aid ‘Is The Quid Pro Quo’

Fox News’ judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano explained to the hosts of Fox & Friends on Thursday why he thinks that President Donald Trump was asking Ukraine for dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden. Though he was met with push back from the hosts, Napolitano argued that there was little doubt about what took place.

Co-host Ainsley Earhardt tried to argue that the public testimony from two career diplomats on Wednesday was just their opinions.

“Everybody does have their own opinion,” Napolitano said. “But if you look at the big picture, there doesn’t seem to be any dispute but that the President wanted dirt on Biden and the President was willing to hold up military aid in order to get it.”

Brian Kilmeade jumped in to once again defend the President.

“Judge, how about this, legally, not emotionally,” Kilmeade said. “The President is concerned about what Ukraine did in the 2016 election and it was proven yesterday that he has a reason to be concerned because of the Bidens’ role supervising Ukraine aid and Hunter Biden’s legitimately perplexing place on the number one most corrupt oil and gas company and corporation in that country.”

“That’s a very good argument,” Napolitano said. “The purpose of yesterday is to change people’s minds. I don’t think it changed people’s minds. I watched it all day like everybody else did. I’ve already said in my opinion the law is not on the President’s side because the law says asking for a campaign favor, whether it arrives or not…”

“It’s not a campaign favor, it’s investigation of a previous election,” Kilmeade interrupted.

“The depends on how you look at it,” Napolitano said. “Are they investigating 2016 or does he want dirt on Biden as prophylactic for 2020?”

The Fox News hosts then said there was no quid pro quo, but Napolitano had other ideas.

“The delay is the quid pro quo,” he said. “The delay of 55 days knowing that the Russians were at the border.”

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Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor