Devin Nunes Goes Full Deep State in His Impeachment Opening Statement

Devin Nunes Goes Full Deep State in His Impeachment Opening Statement

Republican Congressman Devin Nunes engaged in conspiracy theories during his opening statement at the first public impeachment hearing. Nunes is a staunch defender of President Donald Trump and he used his time to spread right-wing talking points in Trump’s defense.

Nunes started by complaining yet again by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election and he claimed that the failure of this investigation to bring down the President made Democrats start looking at Ukraine. He suggested both investigations were hoaxes.

Bizarrely, Nunes claimed once again that Democrats had tried to obtain nude photos of Trump. This is a bad faith interpretation of an event involving a prank phone call.

Nunes pushed the discredited idea that former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter had committed wrongdoing in Ukraine and even launched an attack on career government employees, echoing right-wing criticism of the so-called ‘Deep State’.

“The Democrats rejected most of the Republicans’ witness requests, resulting in a horrifically a one-sided process where the crucial witnesses are denied a platform, if their testimony does not support the Democrat’s absurd accusations,” Nunes said.

Nunes slammed Democrats for not allowing Hunter Biden to be summoned as a witness. He then attacked the anonymous whistleblower and claimed he had a political bias against the President.

“The whistleblower was acknowledged to have a bias against President Trump and his attorney touted a coup against the President and called for his impeachment just weeks after the election,” Nunes said.

“By undermining the president, who they are supposed to be serving, the elements of the FBI, the Department of Justice and now the State Department have lost the confidence of millions of Americans who believe that their vote should count for something. It will take years if not decades to restore faith in these institutions. This spectacle is doing damage to our country. It’s nothing more than an impeachment process in search of a crime.”


Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.