Fox’s Kilmeade Blasts Trump’s ‘Disastrous’ Decision to Abandon Kurdish Allies: ‘Are You Kidding Me?!’

Fox’s Kilmeade Blasts Trump’s ‘Disastrous’ Decision to Abandon Kurdish Allies: ‘Are You Kidding Me?!’

Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade strongly criticized President Donald Trump on Monday for his decision to withdraw troops from Northern Syria and allow Turkey to invade. The move is widely seen as a major threat to the Kurds in the region, who have been key U.S. allies in fighting ISIS.

“What a disaster,” Kilmeade said. “The President’s statement, through Stephanie Grisham, is that we’ve defeated the caliphate, the caliphate’s destroyed — we would not have done that without the Kurds, who did all of our fighting.”

“The reason our casualties were so low is because the Kurds did all the fighting. Now we’re saying ‘Okay Turks, go wipe them out. Or force them out.’ What kind of message is that to the next ally that wants to side with us?”

Kilmeade, who has occasionally criticized Trump’s approach to foreign policy, also attacked Trump’s claims about ISIS fighters being held by the U.S. Trump wants to send those fighters to Turkey.

“Meanwhile we’re taking Sunni prisoners and giving them to Sunni Turkey, who has been nothing but irresponsible,” Kilmeade said.

“A disastrous series of events. I hope the President will reconsider this.”

“I think the President is doing exactly what he wants to, because he’s made from the get-go very clear his campaign promise,” co-host Steve Doocy offered.

“To release ISIS fighters?” Kilmeade shot back.

“To end wars with other countries,” Doocy said.

“Abandon our allies? That’s a campaign promise? Abandon the people that got the caliphate destroyed?” Kilmeade said.

He continued to criticize the President in the face of some push back from Doocy and co-host Ainsley Earhardt.

“Turkey is not going to fight ISIS!” he said. “And wipe out the Kurds? Are you kidding me?! Again we are abandoning our most loyal allies who did all our fighting. All we did was arm them, and they did all the work. Now we say good luck. Good luck surviving.”

“Disaster!” he concluded.

Watch the video above, via Fox News/Twitter.


Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor