Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley on Trump: ‘This Is Far Worse Than Watergate’

Democratic Rep. Mike Quigley on Trump: ‘This Is Far Worse Than Watergate’

Congressman Mike Quigley believes President Donald Trump’s behavior is worse than Watergate. The Illinois Democrat, who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, told CNN on Tuesday that the allegations against Trump are more serious than those against Richard Nixon.

“What else was said and done to muscle a country in a hot war with Russia at this point in time, occupied in Crimea?” Quigley said of Ukraine.

“The balance of the country is facing the full brunt of the Kremlin playbook. We muscled a country that was particularly vulnerable, using the Justice Department. This is an extraordinary crime. I suspect this is the greatest crime a president has committed in my lifetime.”

“Well, you were alive during Watergate, so that remains to be seen. We will wait for the investigation before we make that investigation,” CNN’s John Berman said. Quigley was born in 1958.

“This is far worse than Watergate,” Quigley said.

Berman asked Quigley about Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and whether he would comply with a congressional subpoena. Quigley pushed the Watergate analogy further.

“In the final analysis, I suspect we’ll probably need the courts to enforce the action,” he said. “During Watergate, we always wonder, what if the President decided not to respond to the courts and say, no, I’m not going to, despite an 8-0 decision. Again in our lifetime, we’re facing that possibility. And that would be a true constitutional crisis.”

Berman pointed out that obstruction of justice was one of the articles of impeachment against Nixon, while Quigley said there was evidence for obstruction in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

The Watergate hotel burglary and the subsequent cover up led to the attempted impeachment of Richard Nixon and his eventual resignation.

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Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

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