Fox News Guest: I Don’t Want To Pay For A Trans Person To Remove A ‘Perfectly Functioning Uterus’

Fox News Guest: I Don’t Want To Pay For A Trans Person To Remove A ‘Perfectly Functioning Uterus’

Fox & Friends ran two segments back-to-back on Wednesday morning criticizing efforts to help transgender people. While the first was about the Obama administration’s policies on inclusiveness in the US military, the second was more straightforwardly anti-transgender.

California resident and radio host Mike Slater was brought on to discuss homelessness in the state but Fox News Steve Doocy quickly turned to another issue: California’s list of states under a so-called travel ban for policies adopted by their state governments.

“Meanwhile out in California, apparently, the attorney general there has added the state of Iowa to its travel ban because Iowa refuses to use taxpayer money to fund gender transition surgeries under Medicaid,” Doocy said.

“So now there are almost a dozen different states, the state of California says they are on our travel ban list. Don’t go to Iowa. Don’t go to Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, as you can see right there, and places throughout the southeast.”

Slater could be heard laughing as Doocy mentioned gender transition surgery.

“Yeah. I’m pretty sure the people of Iowa aren’t too broke up about that,” Slater said. “Also, if I were running a state, I would do everything to get on that California travel ban. That probably means you’re doing something right if the leaders of California are outraged by what you are doing.”

“But think about what that is. Like, a woman in Iowa wants a doctor to remove her perfectly functioning uterus and I don’t want to pay for that. And the people — governor of Iowa says OK, people, you don’t have to pay for that, we have other things to spend this money, people with cancer or whatnot so you don’t have to pay for that and the leaders of California are oh, this is outrageous, you have to pay for that.

“Give me a break. California’s so crazy. We have enough problems here as we just talked about. We don’t need to be focused on people in Iowa. Jeez!”

In the segment immediately before this one, a former army captain promoted his book claiming that attempts to make the military more inclusive for women and transgender individuals was weakening it. He said: “The Taliban doesn’t care what your pronouns are.”

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor