Trump Accused Of Offending The Queen Of Denmark By Cancelling Visit

Trump Accused Of Offending The Queen Of Denmark By Cancelling Visit

President Donald Trump’s decision to cancel a visit to Denmark has been met with disbelief in the country, which is a NATO member and US ally. Trump’s decision was based on the Danish government’s unwillingness to consider selling Greenland, an autonomous territory.

Trump’s proposal was met with derision in Denmark and Greenland, but cancelling his visit has caused shock and offence. The right and left appear to be united in anger at the President. In particular, the decision is seen as an insult to Queen Margrethe II.

“It is very, very shocking, when it is about a very close ally and a good friend,” a spokesman for the right-wing Danish People’s Party said. The spokesman believes Trump has offended the Queen, who is a hugely popular figure in the country.

Officially, Trump was invited to the country by Queen Margrethe and by refusing to go, he has effectively rebuffed a formal invitation from a foreign head of state. Though this violates protocol, the President has never been particularly concerned about diplomatic niceties.

This minor international spat stems from Trump’s interest in buying Greenland – an idea that was initially reported as absurd, but morphed into a wedge issue as pro-Trump media outlets promoted the idea and defended the President.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.