Trump Launches Facebook Ads Aimed At Latinos Days After Mass Shootings

Trump Launches Facebook Ads Aimed At Latinos Days After Mass Shootings

The Trump re-election campaign has launched a new series of ads aimed at Latinos, particularly those living in Texas. The new ad campaign was launched just 48 hours after a mass shooting in El Paso where Hispanics were specifically targeted.

A video called on Latinos in Spanish to join the campaign and carried the slogan ‘LATINOS FOR TRUMP/FUND THE WALL TOUR 2019/EL PASO, TX.’ The video comes just days after two mass shootings, one of which has been linked to the President’s rhetoric about an immigrant ‘invasion’.

The campaign has issued 66 Facebook ads targeting Latinos since Monday, despite a claim that Facebook campaigning had been paused in the wake of the shootings. The suspected El Paso shooter aped the President’s rhetoric, leading to widespread condemnation of Trump.

The Trump campaign has also run more than 2,000 Facebook ads referring to immigration as an ‘invasion’. The overlap between ads aimed at Latinos and ads pushing the ‘invasion’ narrative may be small but the Trump campaign is spending significant resources on courting Latinos in Texas.

The continued use of ads aimed at Hispanic voters will be seen as another sign of a tone deaf president and a campaign that’s out of touch with the public. Trump has been widely criticized for his response to the shootings, especially since his attacks on local political leaders.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.