Watch: Samantha Bee Explains How The US Caused The Migrant Crisis

Watch: Samantha Bee Explains How The US Caused The Migrant Crisis

TBS’ Samantha Bee dedicated a segment on Full Frontal last night to the migrant crisis and focused on the so-called Northern Triangle countries of Central America. Bee explained how US policy over decades has led to the current crisis of undocumented migrants crossing the southern border.

“Most of the kids in those overcrowded facilities come from Central America’s Northern Triangle countries: Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador,” Bee said.

“Trump and his supporters claim it’s fine to warehouse them like pallets of generic peanut butter because it’s their fault for coming to America. But the truth is, the U.S. is a huge reason they were forced to flee here in the first place.”

But Bee wanted to point out that generations of American policy had devastated some Central American countries, leading to their citizens to flee.

“When we stomped out communism, we also stomped out pretty much every thing else. For many civilians, getting the hell out of El Salvador became a matter of life or death,” Bee said. “Many of the migrants ended up in Los Angeles, where some younger Salvadorans would wind up in street gangs.”

“That’s right, President Trump’s favorite foreign threat was made in the USA — unlike his ties and two-thirds of his wives.”

Bee is correct that gangs like MS-13 were created in the US. The gang has become a Republican talking point to justify a border wall. But Bee explained how US treatment of criminals and deportation policy had led to increased violence in the Northern Triangle.

“All refugees deserve basic compassion, but we owe a special debt to Central American refugees,” she said. “At the very least, we own their kids some fucking toothpaste.”

Watch the video above, via TBS/YouTube.


Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Political Media Editor