‘I’m an Extremely Stable Genius’: Trump Calls on Multiple Aides to Vouch for His Calmness

‘I’m an Extremely Stable Genius’: Trump Calls on Multiple Aides to Vouch for His Calmness

President Trump turned a photo op to sign an aid bill for America’s farmers into a half-hour of grievance-mongering at Democrats for saying he had a temper tantrum during Wednesday’s infrastructure meeting.

The president argued his case by first setting up a strawman. He claimed that Democrats have been saying he was “yelling” and “screaming” before he stormed out of the meeting. (The Democrats have not been saying he yelled or screamed at them.)

Then, just to drive the point home, he called on five separate aides to back up his story. All five — Kellyanne Conway, Mercedes Schlapp, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Larry Kudlow and Hogan Gidley — were given a couple of minutes each to deny Trump was anything but calm. All five also complimented the president on his calm demeanor and the direct way he made his case to Democrats that they have to stop investigating him before he will work with them on infrastructure.

It was, in a word, creepy.

What the Democrats have actually said is that Trump had a temper tantrum because he demanded they stop investigating him or else he will not do any work. One does not need to yell and scream to have a tantrum. Demanding people be nice to him or he’ll hold his breath until he turns blue is still a tantrum, even if he says it in a calm voice.

Trump then brought back his description of himself as “an extremely stable genius,” which prompted a Twitter response from Pelosi:


Watch the clip up top, via Fox News.

Gary Legum

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