Former White House Counsel Planned To Resign Because Trump Asked Him To ‘Do Crazy Sh*t’

More revelations are coming in from the Mueller report

Former White House Counsel Don McGahn considered resigning because President Donald Trump asked him to ‘do crazy shit’, according to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report. Journalists going through the report discovered this nugget of information, as more and more comes out.

“Page 300: After Trump directed McGahn to call Rosenstein and have Mueller removed, McGahn ‘called his lawyer, drove to the White House, packed up his office, prepared to submit a resignation letter … told Priebus that the President had asked him to ‘do crazy shit,'” MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin tweeted.

One section of Mueller’s report details Trump’s attempts to get rid of the Special Counsel, which involved McGahn, who has since left the White House. According to the report, Trump said something like:

“You gotta do this. You gotta call Rod,” referring to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosentein. McGahn told Trump that the conflicts of interest that Trump frequently mentioned in relation to the probe (’12 angry Democrats’ appears to be what is referenced) were ‘silly’.

McGahn told Trump that the White House Counsel shouldn’t be involved in firing the Special Counsel and considered resigning. McGahn told Reince Priebus, former chief of staff at the White House, that Trump asked him to do ‘crazy shit’ and compared himself to Robert Bork and the Saturday Night Massacre.

“McGahn decided to quit because he did not want to participate in events that he described as akin to the Saturday Night Massacre,” the Mueller Report says, referring to the infamous event when President Richard Nixon fired Watergate investigator Archibald Cox, the attorney general and deputy attorney general on one Saturday night.



Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.