Trey Gowdy Doesn’t Want Mueller Report Released, Fox Host Reminds Him It’s ‘Coming Out’ Regardless

Trey Gowdy Doesn’t Want Mueller Report Released, Fox Host Reminds Him It’s ‘Coming Out’ Regardless

Former House Benghazi Committee chairman Trey Gowdy chastised many of his fellow Republicans Saturday morning for wanting Special Counsel Robert Mueller report on Russian election interference released, saying the investigation was “flawed from its inception” and the report will likely be a “political hit piece” the “speaks in indictments.” Fox News host Neil Cavuto, meanwhile, reminded Gowdy that the report is coming out regardless of what he thinks.

Gowdy, who retired from Congress this year and immediately joined Fox News as an on-air contributor, told the Cavuto Live host that he was “in a really small minority” when it comes to the release of the report, which Attorney General William Barr has indicated will occur in mid-April.

“I don’t think the report should be released at all and I’m frankly surprised so many Republicans think it should be,” the former House Oversight Committee chair exclaimed. “A lot of the Republicans think the investigation was flawed from its inception. Remember, that George Papadopoulos was set up, that the dossier was a political hit piece, so if the investigation was flawed from its inception, why is the report not also flawed?”

He went on to argue that the report will not be favorable to the Trump administration as the Mueller team has “already indicted a lot of people” and DOJ officials don’t “write biographies” or “summaries and reports.” Instead, Gowdy insisted, the department “speaks in indictments,” even if there are no additional indictments.

“I don’t know that the Department of Justice should be releasing a poll hit piece that people like [Adam] Schiff and [Jerold] Nadler are then going to use for 2020,” Gowdy added.

“Well, regardless, it is going to come out,” Cavuto noted. “There might be portions redacted sir, to your concern, but it is coming out.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

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