New York Times Reporter: Jared And Ivanka Are ‘Perhaps More Dangerous Than The President’

New York Times Reporter: Jared And Ivanka Are ‘Perhaps More Dangerous Than The President’

New York Times investigative reporter Vicky Ward believes Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner are dangerous for the United States. Ward was speaking on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Tuesday about her new book, Kushner, Inc.

“I think the heart of the book is with Ivanka’s absolutely shocking response to what her father said about Charlottesville,” Ward said. “I was absolutely shocked when I learned what she said to Gary Cohn was that ‘No, no. My father never said that they were very fine people on both sides. You don’t understand.'”

“But I think the other thing that’s really interesting is, she’s sold herself, as you say, as the moderating influence. She’s given interviews, ‘I speak to my father candidly and privately’. Gary Cohn, again said to Ivanka, when we were at the Paris climate accord, Gary Cohn was desperate to persuade Trump to stay and he said to Ivanka, I’m running around, bringing in all these business leaders, could you just go talk to your father, candidly?. And she said no.”

Another guest, Eddie Glaude Jr., asked why Ward had written this particular book at this time. Glaude said that insider accounts like Kushner, Inc. were often ‘gossipy’.

“I think these two people are particularly dangerous, perhaps more dangerous than the President because the President is, for all his peccadillos, in plain sight other than, obviously his tax returns and a maybe few other things,” Ward said.

“Jared and Ivanka are kind of in disguise, as we’ve talked about, and the damage, the danger and havoc they’ve played with the protocols that have been put in place in this government, in our government, for decades to keep us safe have now been undone thanks to, particularly Jared’s really dangerous freelancing, and it’s going take years to fix it.”

“Really dangerous freelancing, that’s one way of putting it,” Mika Brzezinski said.

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.