Morning Joe: Joe Biden Is Like Nixon And Reagan, He Knows What It’s Going To Take To Win

Morning Joe: Joe Biden Is Like Nixon And Reagan, He Knows What It’s Going To Take To Win

Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough thinks Joe Biden could make it all the way to the White House. The MSNBC host said the former vice president could win the 2020 presidential election because of his experience in previous races. Scarborough compared Biden favorably to other candidates who ran several times.

“I’m waiting on Joe Biden,” Mika Brzezinski said. “I know that he hasn’t polled well in the past. I know that he has his challenges personally, but I think that touch of Obama, that experience, that stature and, quite frankly, the crazy part and I put that in quotes because he’s a even guy and he puts himself out there and says some things that sometimes are like ‘whoa’. That’s just what we might need for beating Donald Trump. Every single one of these candidates don’t add up to someone who appears they can beat Donald Trump, except for Biden, in my mind.”

“As far as Beto [O’Rourke], we don’t know yet how that’s going to end up,” Scarborough said. “We certainly didn’t know that Barack Obama would be Barack Obama in 2007. We didn’t know Ronald Reagan would be Ronald Reagan in 1979. I remember my dad coming home and saying ‘I just saw the next President of the United States’ when Reagan came through Pensacola, Florida in ’79.”

Scarborough warned Beto O’Rourke about ‘the curse’ of early media exposure, before going on to discuss Biden’s chances.

“I’ll say this about Joe Biden though, the sabermetrics are not good on him,” Scarborough said. “That said, like Ronald Reagan, like Richard Nixon, like a a lot of presidential candidates, he has run before. He knows what it’s going to take to win.”

“And it seems to me the most important thing, […] in my opinion, and Joe Biden certainly doesn’t need to listen to me or my opinion, is he’s running against a man with absolutely no discipline. The knock against Joe Biden on the campaign trail has been he has no discipline.”

“It’s all relative,” Brzezinski joked.

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.