Four In Ten Republicans Think Trump Should Ignore Congressional Subpoenas

A new poll found a high proportion of Republicans think the President should ignore subpoenas

A significant number of Republicans believe President Donald Trump and his administration should ignore subpoenas from the House of Representatives that may arise from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe. Rumors suggest Mueller is preparing his final report.

A poll conducted by the Democracy Fund Voter Study Group found that 40% of Republican voters think the Trump administration should ignore subpoenas from House committees. By contrast, 80% of Democrats think it would be inappropriate to ignore subpoenas.

Just 37% of Republican voters polled think it would be inappropriate to ignore House subpoenas. House committees can issue subpoenas to virtually anyone and compel them to appear for questioning. If Trump or members of his administration refused to appear, it would be seen as an escalation of political tensions.

“If the Mueller report does act as a ‘road map’ for future investigations, these partisan divides may prove consequential,” the authors of the report on the poll wrote.

“Indeed, if congressional oversight is the mechanism by which new evidence is produced, ambivalence among Republican voters on this issue may make it easier for President Trump and his allies to resist the investigation.”

The poll also shows that Robert Mueller’s approval remains high, with 49% confident in the investigation and 41% having a favorable opinion of Mueller himself.

Democrats in Congress are already planning to call more witnesses following Michael Cohen’s dramatic public testimony this week. This could include subpoenas for Trump’s adult children, his son-in-law Jared Kushner and CFO of the Trump Organization, Alan Weisselberg.


Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.