Birther-In-Chief Trump Laughably Claims Republicans Never Harassed President Obama

Birther-In-Chief Trump Laughably Claims Republicans Never Harassed President Obama

President Trump had himself a normal morning in the White House. He woke up, felt aggrieved, and tweeted nonsense about it:


Trump is quickly making Rep. Adam Schiff, chair of the House Intelligence Committee, his own personal Inspector Javert. On Wednesday he called the California congressman a “political hack” who is just trying to make himself famous. This was the day after obliquely threatening, in his State of the Union address, to paralyze the government if Congress doesn’t end its inquiries into his administration.

That bit about President Obama led to the word “Benghazi” becoming the number-one trending topic on Twitter for a while, because the political junkies active on the platform have memories that extend beyond last Tuesday. For example, they remember that a Republican-led Congress launched no fewer than eight investigations of the tragedy, none of which turned up any evidence to support the charges of Obama administration negligence that Fox News and the Republican Party kept throwing around.

Mark Murray of NBC News was among the many, many people who tried to refresh Trump’s memory:

Trying to get Trump to come around to this point of view is a worthless exercise, as his self-pity and belief in his own victimhood is a bottomless pit:


Having enjoyed two years of a supine House majority under former Speaker Paul Ryan, Trump is not yet used to the idea of congressional oversight. For him, it is the downside of having come into office dragging enough ethical and legal baggage to keep investigators busy until the heat death of the universe.

Can’t wait for this new standard against “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT” to become the norm under the next Democratic president, though.

Gary Legum

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