Ben Shapiro: ‘No Pro-Life Person On Earth Would Kill Baby Hitler’ Because ‘Baby Hitler Was A Baby’

Ben Shapiro: ‘No Pro-Life Person On Earth Would Kill Baby Hitler’ Because ‘Baby Hitler Was A Baby’

The Cool Kids’ Philosopher has once again broken his critics on the Wheel of Logic.

Delivering a speech while simultaneously broadcasting his podcast at today’s anti-abortion March for Life in Washington, Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro decided to weigh in on whether pro-lifers would kill Adolf Hitler as a baby if they got the chance. In between reading ads for ZipRecruiter, Shapiro asserted that there wasn’t an anti-abortion person alive that would do such a thing.

“The truth is no pro-life person on earth would kill baby Hitler,” Shapiro said while sitting in front of his laptop. “Because baby Hitler wasn’t Hitler as an adult. Baby Hitler was a baby!”

He finished his point by saying that one would presumably take baby Hitler out of his house and put him in a better home where he wouldn’t grow up to be Hitler.

While Shapiro is claiming there isn’t a pro-life person around that would ever slay an infant genocidal white supremacist, former Republican governor and presidential candidate Jeb Bush said unequivocally in November 2015 that he would definitely do the deed.

After Right Wing Watch’s Jared Holt first reported on Shapiro’s remarks and progressive activist Jordan Uhl posted a video clip to Twitter, the floodgates opened and Shapiro faced an onslaught of ridicule.

Meanwhile, shortly after Shapiro’s comments attracted widespread mockery online, the Daily Wire pulled the video from YouTube.

Justin Baragona

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