Fox’s Gregg Jarrett Ruthlessly Mocked For Whining About ‘Snot-Nosed Kids’ Behind Cohen Memo

Fox’s Gregg Jarrett Ruthlessly Mocked For Whining About ‘Snot-Nosed Kids’ Behind Cohen Memo

On Saturday, one of President Trump’s most loyal TV defenders took to Twitter to rail against the sentencing memo filed by the Southern District of New York that connected the president to federal crimes and implicated him in campaign finance violations related to hush payments made to two women during the 2016 election. In doing so, the Trump loyalist opened himself up to widespread mockery.

In a series of tweets, Fox News legal analyst and Sean Hannity Expanded Universe member Gregg Jarrett — he of the best-selling pro-Trump book The Russia Hoax — complained about the attorneys who filed the memo on Friday, claiming they are too inexperienced and young to be involved in the filing.

“Look at the four attorneys who signed the Cohen sentencing memo under Robert Khuzami’s name,” he wrote in his first tweet. “Griswold, Maimin, McKay and Roos. They’re all kids. No real experience. They don’t know anything about the law. They don’t understand the Federal Campaign Election Act.”

He added in a second tweet, “Frankly, it should be against the law to allow a bunch of snot-nosed kids, fresh out of law school, to file a federal court document that contorts the law in a deliberate effort to implicate the President in wrongdoing. Did they even read the law? Comprehend it? Morons.”

As one would expect when someone sounds like a Scooby Doo villain, Jarrett took a beating on Twitter, especially from fellow attorneys and members of the media.

It also didn’t take long for folks to highlight Jarrett’s past run-in with the law. Back in 2014, the then-Fox News anchor was arrested after police were called due to him being intoxicated at an airport bar at 12:30 PM. At the time of the arrest, the network said Jarrett was going through “serious personal issues.”

After CNN legal analyst and former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti told him he had “no idea what he was talking about,” Jarrett fired back with a Trumpian response.

“Renato Mariotti…the failed Democrat who constantly rails against Trump is the guy Mediaite always turns to for as a reliable quote,” he wrote.


Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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