Fox News Pins Plummeting Stocks On Democrats’ ‘Tone’: They Have ‘Declared War On President Trump’

Fox News Pins Plummeting Stocks On Democrats’ ‘Tone’: They Have ‘Declared War On President Trump’

It looks like we have a narrative forming.

Shortly after Fox Business host Stuart Varney suggested Democrats taking back the House was responsible for the stock market’s recent losses, fellow Fox Biz host Charles Payne appeared on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom to pin the blame on House Democrats’ “tone.”

With stocks plunging on Tuesday morning, co-anchor Sandra Smith wondered aloud “how much of this is the Democrats winning control of the House,” noting that the Dow Jones had dropped four percent since Election Day.

“I think it’s the tone,” Payne responded. “You know, the very next day the market was up. But since then, the tone of Democrats, who have declared war on President Trump, I think have been a real negative wave for the market.”

He continued, “Particularly, I think Americans want to see legislation, not more investigations. You know, I don’t think they want to see Maxine Waters spending a whole lot of time digging up dirt on Deutsche Bank when people are trying to, you know, live their lives.”

So, apparently, the reason we may be entering a bear market is that Maxine Waters is asking questions about the president’s personal finances.

Prior to the election, President Trump told voters that voting for Democrats would cause the stock market to plunge, claiming that the Dems wanted to make the country like Venezuela. It appears Fox personalities have taken that baton and run with it.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

Justin Baragona

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