Nancy Pelosi Could Face A Fight For House Speaker

Nancy Pelosi Could Face A Fight For House Speaker

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi could have a fight on her hands as she tries to lead Democrats in the newly elected Congress. Though she is widely expected to regain her former job, some congressional Democrats believe it is time for a change.

As many as 10 Democrats have said they will vote against Pelosi, this includes current and incoming members. It is unclear whether there will be any real challenge to Pelosi, but changes within the party and the desire for a more robust opposition to President Donald Trump may lead to a contest.

There are two months until Democrats have to vote on Pelosi’s future, and it’s likely she will spend this time courting the incoming freshmen representatives. A letter, signed by nine House members, has requested a debate on caucus rules for electing the Speaker. This will be debated at the Democrats’ meeting next Wednesday and Thursday.

There is serious disagreement about whether Pelosi can win enough votes to become Speaker. A nominee for Speaker must win a majority in the House – 218 votes – but some Democrats are suggesting that Pelosi will fall short. This does not mean that a Republican will be elected, however.

Many younger Democrats have been critical Pelosi for not taking a tougher stance against the President’s agenda. In particular, her election night speech calling for bipartisanship has been the subject of concern, among Democrats and anti-Trump voices in the media.

Many Democratic voters and recently elected representatives would like to see an aggressive push to investigate the President. Some feel that Nancy Pelosi is not up to the task. Her willingness to make compromises and reach across the aisle is increasingly seen as a weakness in this highly partisan atmosphere.


Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.