The Firing Of Jeff Sessions Has Triggered MoveOn’s National Protests To Protect Mueller

The Firing Of Jeff Sessions Has Triggered MoveOn’s National Protests To Protect Mueller

President Donald Trump is the king of changing the subject, and he has done it again in requesting the resignation of his own hand-picked Attorney General Jeff Sessions before the midterm vote counting could even finish.

Is the coming replacement of Jeff Sessions by Sessions’ chief of staff Matthew Whitaker a move to try to disrupt or end Bob Mueller’s FBI investigation into Russian collusion with the Trump presidential campaign and transition team?

The progressive political group MoveOn says yes, and has set in motion a long-planned procedure for initiating hundreds of mass protests all across the country in response to the Trump Administration’s apparent subterfuge of justice.

“Donald Trump has installed a crony to oversee the special counsel’s Trump-Russia investigation, crossing a red line set to protect the investigation,” MoveOn’s Mueller Protection Rapid Response website page says. “By replacing Rod Rosenstein with just-named Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker as special counsel Robert Mueller’s boss on the investigation, Trump has undercut the independence of the investigation. Whitaker has publicly outlined strategies to stifle the investigation and cannot be allowed to remain in charge of it. The Nobody Is Above the Law network demands that Whitaker immediately commit not to assume supervision of the investigation. Our hundreds of response events are being launched to demonstrate the public demand for action to correct this injustice.”

The protests have had predetermined locations for months, and will take place Thursday, November 8th, generally starting at 5 pm in each location’s local time. You can find an event near you on the MoveOn website.


(Picture courtesy of Ted Eytan.)


Dash MacIntyre

Dash MacIntyre is a Millennial political columnist from St. Louis. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief of The Halfway Post, a satirical gazette of angrily halfway real news.