Trevor Noah: Fox News Is ‘Like One Giant Caravan Of Dangerous Extremists’

Trevor Noah: Fox News Is ‘Like One Giant Caravan Of Dangerous Extremists’

Trevor Noah mocked President Donald Trump and Fox News last night as he discussed the migrant caravan. The Daily Show host defused right-wing scaremongering about the caravan by joking about how it has been misrepresented during the midterm elections.

“To motivate his voters, he’s [Trump] doing something really special — well, it’s the thing that he does best: He’s scaring the shit out of his voters. Specifically by using brown people. It’s sort of like Halloween, but a racist Halloween — or as Megyn Kelly calls it, Halloween,” Noah said.

Noah joked that the migrant caravan, which is still weeks from the border is not really an act of desperation at all. He said the migrant caravan is “basically like Burning Man, except that the people aren’t pretending to be poor. It’s a group of people who are saying to America, ‘Hey, we’re in trouble, can you help us?'”

“I think the reason Donald Trump is sending troops to these asylum-seekers instead of help is because in his mind, this is an invasion,” he said of the more than 5,000 troops deployed to the border. “And when I say ‘in his mind,’ what I mean is on Fox News.”

“What kind of invaders apply to come in and give their enemy three months’ warning?” He asked.

“I know right now some of you are asking me, you’re going: ‘Trevor, why do you even bother with Fox News? You know who they are. They’re always bringing xenophobia, they’re bringing racism.'” Noah mocked.

“And that’s true, that is true. But here’s the thing: I assume that some of them are good people. Because even though this network might seem like one giant caravan of dangerous extremists, I believe there are people in there who mean well.”

Darragh Roche

Darragh Roche is Senior Editor and Political News Writer.