‘Welcome To The Resistance!’ Plaid Shirt Guy Goes Viral After Being Removed From Trump Rally

‘Welcome To The Resistance!’ Plaid Shirt Guy Goes Viral After Being Removed From Trump Rally

In case you missed it, President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Montana last night was an off-the-rails affair — more so than normal — that featured the president claiming Abraham Lincoln was the victim of “fake news” and calling on Sean Hannity to make his show even more pro-Trump, all while struggling to pronounce the word “anonymous.”

This was all apparently too much to take for one rallygoer — who was standing directly behind the president onstage — and resulted in him being shooed off mid-speech. And has further resulted in the guy being celebrated online and going viral.

While watching Trump’s speech, sharp-eyed Twitter observers noticed the plaid shirt-clad man and his reactions to much of Trump’s insane and outlandish ramblings. For example, we see Plaid Shirt Guy shaking his head and asking “What?” when the president just strung a bunch of words together in a senseless fashion, as he is wont to do.

He couldn’t contain his laughter when Trump bragged about how great the economy and country is doing under his leadership.

When the president declared that they’ve “picked up a lot of support,” an incredulous Plaid Shirt Guy could be seen asking “have you?” while looking straight forward.

One Twitter user put together a montage of Plaid Shirt Guy’s best reaction’s to Trump’s performance.

Eventually, campaign staffers had enough of the unimpressed young man and decided to swap him off with someone who would deliver the proper MAGA response.

By Friday morning, the internet was buzzing over Plaid Shirt Guy. Below are some of the best reactions:

Of course, the one question on everyone’s mind is — just who is Plaid Shirt Guy?

I’ll echo what Sam Stein said — toss us a message, Plaid Shirt Guy. We’d love to talk to you!

UPDATE: The Plaid Shirt Guy has been found! The Daily Beast’s Andrew Kirell was able to speak with 17-year-old Billings native Tyler Linfesty, who insisted he wasn’t deliberately trying to troll the president during the rally. The high-school student also revealed he is a Democratic Socialist and said the Secret Service had him wait backstage for 10 minutes after he was pulled from the stage before telling him to leave and not come back.

Justin Baragona

Justin Baragona

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